caps10CAPS ™: modern plasma technology ensuring excellent adhesion

 Plastic Films and Technical Textiles made from plastics are playing an ever important role in our day to day life, and this trend is continuing constantly while more and more applications for these products are being developed. Modern food packaging, for example are true hi-tech products, and tailor made for the individual applications with high R&D efforts.




Best Practise



Requirements of the customer

  • Material: Polyolefin film
  • Application: CAPS-N plasma treatment, suitable for APP™
  • plasma process technology from Air Liquide S.A. France
  • Plasma width/Sides to treat: 3.000 mm / 2 sides
  • Production speed: 100 m/min, max. machine speed: 300 m/min


Supplied Features

  • Treating power: 60 kW max., 30 kW per side
  • Type of electrode: Special plasma electrodes, metal type
  • Dielectric roll coating: Silicone, Type PWRC-SM
  • Specificplasmaenergy: 100 Wmin/m² at 100 m/min
  • Standard Gas Consumption: 9 l/m² N2 (Nitrogen), in order to comply with Air Liquide’s APP™ plasma process





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