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The wide web corona treating modules of the PCM series are designed and built with the needs and wishes of our Biax and Cast film customers in mind.
They are the result of direct evolution from an elder, well proven treater station design, offering a number of improvements and important new key features.

Optimum ozone retention is guaranteed, thanks to better encapsulation of the treatment roller by form fitting electrode assemblies.
Dripping of condensate out of the electrodes onto the film or roller is eliminated and high voltage insulators are kept clean and dry for hassle free power on.
The durability against impacts in case of web breaks is improved, thanks to rugged stainless steel electrode housings. In addition, spring loaded electrode housings do allow for safer and quicker retraction of the electrodes in case of web breaks.


Overall durability and corrosion resistance was much improved by completely eliminating plastics and aluminum from the electrode design, which is now 100% stainless steel and ceramics.



Best Practise



Requirements of the customer:

    • Material: BOPP Film (samples/specs to be provided)
    • Application: corona treatment of biaxial orientated film
    • Corona width/Sides to treat: 8.350 mm / 2 sides
    • Production speed: 450 m/min, max. machine speed: max. 500 m/min
    • Material Thickness (Gage): 10 – 80 μ


Supplied Features

  • Treating power:
    • First Top Side: 180 kW (3x60 kW)
    • Second Top Side: 180 kW (3x60 kW)
    • Bottom Side: 120 kW (2x60 kW)
  • Type of electrode: 20 electrode blades (fins) per electrode housing, stainless steel type,
  • Dielectric roll / coating: 708mm diameter treatment roller, silicone coated 4,0 mm thick, supplied by customer
  • Specific corona energy: 47,9 Wmin/m² at 450 m/min per one side at 180 kW
  • Target Surface Tension: 42 - 43 mN/m (measured max. 2 hrs. after treatment )



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