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Plasmawerk Hamburg GmbH designs and builds corona and plasma treaters for efficient and cost effective surface activation and functionalization.
Since the foundation of Plasmawerk in 2009, our focus has been corona and plasma treatment of fast moving, wide webs (BIAX).
Today, the cooperating with Neuenhauser Maschinenbau and their efficient production capabilities allows us to supply medium width corona treaters at very attractive prices.

Advanced Design in Corona

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Innovation at Plasmawerk

The future of surface treatment in film production

Questions, Requests, Challenges and Solutions

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Products and applications


Innovations for more efficiency and reliability

Surface technology is facing a radical change: 50 years ago, corona technology upended film extrusion and finishing; today, it is the increasing success of atmospheric pressure plasma that is changing surface technology. Then, electrical corona discharges rendered obsolete many chemical adhesive agents; today, many other chemical pretreatment processes such as the application of primer and top coats are being replaced by plasma surface-modification processes. This is made possible by advances in conventional corona technology towards new atmospheric pressure plasma technologies which can create plasma in various gas atmospheres which in turn can be used to create new surface properties, or to create proven surface properties even more efficiently than before.

Advantages of Plasma Surface Treatment: even thinner layers

Plasma technology strives to allow the application of ever thinner layers onto the material to be treated. When applying liquids to surfaces, the resulting layer typically has a thickness of a few micrometers.

Cut in material leads to stunning cost effectiveness

Taken to the limit, plasma technology can be used to apply nothing more than a molecular monolayer. This means up to 90% cost savings compared to surface coating with a conventional primer or top coat application.

Best practices


Offering a number of improvements and important new key features for BOPP and Cast film

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The superior solution for sensitive or thick materials

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CAPS™: Controlled Atmosphere Plasma System

Controlled chemical functionalization of polymer surfaces for controlled adhesion

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When corona reaches its limits: FLAIR®

Unrivaled plasma technology that offers ultra high and stable surface tension and superior adhesion at minimal costs and without any process gas requirements.

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Process and Production Safety

Ensure your Process and Production safety by relying on our skills in service

Looking back on decades of experience in the development and industrial installation of atmospheric-pressure plasma process machinery. Make use of our skills and knowhow even for your installed base

Our Services

  • support and consulting services with regard to questions of process
  • engineering and material testing
  • safety tests
  • spare parts: e.g. corona rolls, recoating (ceramics, silicone) silicone hoses
  • spare electrodes made of ceramics and metal with longer service life
  • upgrade of your existing corona or plasma system (self-produced and/or third-party equipment)
  • maintenance and service contracts
  • test pens

About us

Quality through expertise

In July 2009, the Plasmawerk GmbH was founded to accelerate the transformation of innovations in the field of surface pretreatment into marketable technologies. Experts and innovators of cutting-edge corona technology are offered a place to meet.

Personal relationships with the upper echelon of research institutes ensure a high standard of research and development. In addition, a constant dialog with market drivers allows for maximum customer proximity when developing technical equipment and workflow solutions.


In the last years Plasmawerk presented several pioneering solutions in the field of surface functionalization of web-like material. The world’s first systems were equipped with the technologies and further developed according to customer requirements.

After this phase of product innovation the established mechanical engineering company Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH has become a strategic partner of Plasmawerk Hamburg in 2018 in order to meet the growing demand with good and punctual quality, but still be able to meet customer requirements flexibly at the highest level.

Highlights & Track Record