In FLAIR® systems the air plasma reaction mechanisms and rate equations are tuned to favor reactions and species that improve the functionalisation of the polymer film surface and to suppress reactions and species that are bad for the functionalisation and the stability of the treatment. FLAIR® can change the way that the BOPP and CPP industries are working today

  • Longer possible transport times will allow concentration of film production on a lower number of lines with higher output, located at positions with low labour cost and/or lower energy cost
  • New film products will be made possible, e.g. anti-fog films with 48 mN/m on anti-fog and 42 mN/m on printing side, synthetic paper with excellent printability, new metalized films

FLAIR® can empower printing with waterbased inks

  • Printing on BOPP, CPP and PE with high additive content, without the need for costly primer coatings
  • New ink formulations for improved product presentation
  • FLAIR treatment directly in the printing line will even allow printing on originally completely untreated films
  • Best Practice


CAPSTM is based on a plasma discharge in a precisely controlled gas atmos­phere at atmospheric pressure. It can result in extremely high level adhesion based on chemical bonding, rather than physical adhesion thanks to surface tension increase, and on various polymer films such as BOPP, cast PP, BOPET, PE, PVC, and many others. Other than corona treatment, these excellent adhesion properties can also remain for a very long time under good preconditions. Best Practice

Corona Modules for Biax and Cast Film Lines

The wide web corona treating modules of the PCM series are designed and built with the needs and wishes of our Biax and Cast film customers in mind. They are the result of direct evolution from an elder, well proven treater station design, offering a number of improvements and important new key features. Optimum ozone retention is guaranteed, thanks to better encapsulation of the treatment roller by form fitting electrode assemblies. Best Practice

EDGE – Foams and Fibrebased Material

Polymer foams, mostly for adhesive tapes, play an increasingly important role in profitable converting applications. Nevertheless, economy and ecology do not always allow for fluorinated foams. On the other hand, new light weight foams are no good candidates for corona treatment, particularly not in case of higher thicknesses. Best Practice