EDGE – Foams and Fibrebased Material

Polymer foams, mostly for adhesive tapes, play an increasingly important role in profitable converting applications. Nevertheless, economy and ecology do not always allow for fluorinated foams. On the other hand, new light weight foams are no good candidates for corona treatment, particularly not in case of higher thicknesses.

In this case Plasmawerks EDGE technology offers the ideal tool for polymer foam treatment. With EDGE there is absolutely no risk of perforating or burning the foam, since the systems can be operated in a standard corona mode, also polymer films will be treated without compromise.

Best Practice


Requirements of the customer:

  • Material: Non-Woven/LDPE laminate
  • Application: Flexo printing press from Fischer+Krecke, Germany
  • Plasma width/Sides to treat: 1,700 mm / 1 side
  • Production speed: 3,000 ft/min (915 m/min), max. machine speed: max. 1,000 m/min
  • Material Thickness (Gage):

Supplied Features:

  • Treating power: 100 kW max.
  • Type of electrode: Special plasma electrodes, ceramic type
  • Dielectric roll coating: Ceramic, Type PWRC-CD
  • Specific plasma energy: 6.0 Wmin/ft² at 3,000 ft/min (70 Wmin/m² at 915 m/min)