CAPS ™: modern plasma technology ensuring excellent adhesion

CAPSTM is a modern plasma technology system for the specific modification and fictionalization of web surfaces, with the goal to make expensive and sometimes environment unfriendly surface coatings redundant, and at a fraction of the running costs and capital investment. As CAPS™ is based in many aspects on the proven corona technology; it can do so with the reliability and ease of use of this well known and long proven pretreatment method.

CAPSTM is based on a plasma discharge in a precisely controlled gas atmos­phere at atmospheric pressure. It can result in extremely high level adhesion based on chemical bonding, rather than physical adhesion thanks to surface tension increase, and on various polymer films such as BOPP, cast PP, BOPET, PE, PVC, and many others. Other than corona treatment, these excellent adhesion properties can also remain for a very long time under good preconditions.

CAPSTM is the ideal platform for the advanced atmospheric pressure plasma, allowing innovative coating and converting companies to utilize our ex­pertise in using technical gases to specifically modify film surfaces.  The combination of this unique Know-How and Plasmawerk’ CAPS™ technology will guarantee perfect ad­hesion at minimal cost.

CAPSTM systems are always custom built solutions, for material widths from 260-5600 mm and line speeds up to more than 1600 m/min.

Best Practice


Requirements of the customer:

  • Material: Polyolefin film
  • Application: CAPS-N plasma treatment, suitable for APP™
  • Plasma process technology from Air Liquide S.A. France
  • Plasma width/Sides to treat: 3.000 mm / 2 sides
  • Production speed: 100 m/min, max. machine speed: 300 m/min

Supplied Features:

  • Treating power: 60 kW max., 30 kW per side
  • Type of electrode: Special plasma electrodes, metal type
  • Dielectric roll coating: Silicone, Type PWRC-SM
  • Specificplasmaenergy: 100 Wmin/m² at 100 m/min
  • Standard Gas Consumption: 9 l/m² N2 (Nitrogen), in order to comply with Air Liquide’s APP™ plasma process