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We need to increase adhesion for metalizing BOPP


Increased adhesion for metalizing BOPP;

Our Approach:

FLAIR® compared to corona creates higher surface tension and better adhesion.  FLAIR® can reach extremely high surface energy levels, up to 73 mN/m are possible in principle, and adhesion properties are excellent much better than corona even for the same dyne level.

Not only have tests in the laboratory atmosphere shown a very high surface tension but the better treatment was already proved by customers who have used foil treated under laboratory condition to test the new possibilities of metallization. Under laboratory conditions metal adhesion was at least 3 times better than with standard metallized films.

FLAIR® can not only be integrated into a BOPP line but as well in the secondary slitter – refer to this topic.

Plasmawerk Hamburg GmbH offers a unique range of corona and plasma technologies, specifically optimized for use in different locations of a BIAX film plant. Several steps within the BOPP production process, such as take-up and winding, primary slitting, secondary slitting as well as inline coating between MDO and TDO, can be equipped and supported by plasma and innovative corona technologies in order to lower film production costs and to produce new, high margin films.