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We need higher dyne values but don’t want to touch the corona or the flame

By 24/06/2019Juli 3rd, 2019No Comments


we need higher dyne values but don’t want to touch the corona or the flame.


We propose a FLAIR treater, which you can not only integrate in the secondary slitter but also in the BOPP line, and since Flair is built so compact and does not need a coated roller you could also install it on an existing deflect roller. Since we work with air knives, we don’t need any drives either, so we deliver a completely self-reliant unit with minimal intervention in the line.

The treaters require minimal space for a very high power. Also treatment roll diameter can be substantially smaller than for a normal corona, at the same or even a higher power level. The station uses no silicone rubber coating on the treatment roller but a plain stainless steel on the outside which guarantees a very long lasting of the roll.

FLAIR® has proved before that it can reach extremely high surface energy levels, up to 73 mN/m are possible in principle. Above that adhesion properties are excellent much better than corona even for the same dyne level.

The technology can be implemented in any running system to reach out for efficiency and higher quality with a minimum invest.